A well-maintained roof is important for several reasons. The first, and most obvious reason is that it keeps the weather out. But, what about what it keeps in? Specifically, heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. A properly installed roof is a huge barrier against energy loss, which can have a serious impact on the costs of running your home comfortably.

Most homeowners do not change their roof to suit their taste – they change their roof when it’s necessary. Sometimes, the entire roof needs to be replaced: but often, it doesn’t. We provide honest evaluations about the condition of your roof, and offer free estimates for necessary repairs, small to large, including:

  • Missing Shingles
  • Skylights: we install new or repair/replace existing, including interior carpentry; We are designated as a 3-Star professional Velux skylight installer.
  • Chimney, pipe and wall flashing
  • Storm Damage Assessment and Repair: we work with insurance adjusters to help expedite storm damage claimsfor clients.
  • Attic mold elimination
  • Ventilation to prevent condensation and mold growth
  • Flat roof repairs

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