Q: Are you licensed?

Q: Are you fully insured?

Q: Do you provide free estimates?

Q: Is your work guaranteed?

Q: How do you accept payment?

Q: Do we need to be home?
A: No, but all alarms must be deactivated. No access to interior of home is necessary for any exterior projects.

Q: How long will my project take?
A: Once present, we work diligently and efficiently to complete project without disturbing the everyday workings of the household.

Q: What happens to my landscaping?
A: Everything is protected as if it were our own home with tarps, plywood covers, etc. Dumpsters are always placed on blocking to avoid damaging your driveway.

Q: When is payment expected?
A: With smaller projects, we require 50% down and 50% at completion of project. Larger jobs are subject to individual terms ironed out by sales team (Tom/ Gene and customer).

Q: Will I have flat tires when roofing/ siding project finished?
A: No. All work is immaculately cleaned. We use roller magnets on all walkways and driveways as well as your lawn to insure no nails are left behind.

Q: How do you select color?
A: Our Sales team will deliver samples/ sample boards to customer. If these swatches aren’t adequate, addresses of houses will be delivered to customer for them to drive by and decide. We will basically work in every way possible to help a customer choose the option they are most satisfied with.

Q: Can I choose a specific date?
A: Yes, assuming that the date is available and that the weather cooperates (exterior work). Sundays in Bergen County (Blue Laws) and Sundays in general are usually not a day of work, but exceptions can be agreed upon.

Q: Who gets permits?
A: We are responsible for all permits when applicable (they are not required for some small jobs). Price of permits in included in final invoice.

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