No one ever expected a summer job to turn into a multi- generational, family-run business. But, that’s just what happened with our company.

As a young man, Gene Barkocy worked a part-time summer job as an apprentice carpenter in his hometown of Treskow, PA. He befriended a veteran roofing mechanic who introduced him to the trade. He continued to work with the roofer during the summers and on break from college, where he was acquiring his business degree. During the same time period, Gene’s brother Joe was also supporting himself as a part-time carpenter while he finished up his teaching degree.

After college, both brothers entered into their planned vocations, but both continued to work part-time in the home improvement business to supplement their income. Recognizing a need in the marketplace for a reputable, customer-centric competitor, Gene and Joe eventually decided to launch Barkocy Brothers.

As with most family-run businesses, everyone pitched in. From a very early age, Gene’s five sons learned the trade from their father and uncle. But, Gene insisted his boys continue their formal education. Tom went on to the University of Richmond; Bruce chose Loyola College. Still, after graduation, both sons returned to the family business and remain actively involved in daily operations.

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